The ASU Food Policy and Environmental Research Groups examines the role of communities, schools, programs, and policies in health and behavior. Our many areas of research include the following:

Food and Physical Activity Environments and Programs

  • Examine the impact of the community food environment on eating behaviors
  • Investigate how the community and built environments are associated with physical activity behaviors
  • Evaluate obesogenic environments and their role in weight status
  • Study the influence of school programs and food environments on student behaviors and health
  • Develop and evaluate community and school interventions to prevent childhood obesity and promote health behaviors

Federal Food and Nutrition Policies

  • Examine the influence of school policies on the school food environment and student behavior
  • Evaluate how SNAP and WIC policies impact the food environment and consumption behaviors
  • Investigate the effect of the FFVP on children and families’ consumption of fruit and vegetables
  • Study the spillover effects of federal food assistance programs

Methodology Development

  • Create and validate a rapid assessment methods for food store environment
  • Test lower-cost methods of data collection
  • Develop and implement comprehensive approaches to measuring the community food and physical activity environment